Aside from our magazine, we have also published three books on the subject of high fidelity. The original one, from 1991, set out the pursuit of high fidelity, from the very start to a high level. A second one, extending the subject further, was published in 1994. The third book, a collection of State of the Art columns from the first 60 issues of UHF, was published in late 2002.


Our 1994 best-selling guide:

The World of High Fidelity
by UHF's Gerard Rejskind, has it all!
The basics of amplifiers, preamplifiers, CD players, turntables and loudspeakers. How they work, how to choose, what to expect. The history of hi-fi. How to compare equipment that's not in the same store. What accessories work, and which ones are scams. How to tell a good connector from a rotten one. How to set up a home theatre system that will also play music (hint: don't do any of the things the other magazines advise). How to plan for your dream system even if your accountant says you can't afford it. A precious volume with 224 pages of essential information for the beginning or advanced audiophile!

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Our original 1991 best seller:

The UHF Guide to Ultra High Fidelity
A practical manual for the discovery and exploration of high fidelity. Includes in-depth coverage of how the hardware works, including tubes, "alternative" loudspeakers, subwoofers, crossover networks, biamplification. It explains why, not just how. It has full instructions for aligning a tone arm, and a gauge is included. A complete audio lexicon makes this book indispensable.

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Our original 1991 best seller:

State of the Art
A lot of readers tell us that they start each copy of UHF by the last page. The reason? Gerard Rejskind[s State of the Art column. Now, the columns from the first 60 issues have been brought together in a book. And that's not all. There's a new introduction to each of the columns. Get your copy now and catch up on this long-running series.

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