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There are two things you'll want to know about M•A recordings. One is that producer Todd Garfinkle spent much of his professional life in Japan, where he was in contact with some of the world's most interesting musicians in all musical spheres. The second is that Todd is a fanatic about sound, and no one has ever made CDs that sound like his. He uses his own custom microphones and Crystal Cable, and his discs are pressed on dark green polycarbonate to reduce laser scattering. These are just a few titles that caught our collective ear, and which we've been recommending to our friends.
Tombeau de Mr. de S.te Colombe
Sainte-Colombe is so obscure we're not even sure of his first name. He was the mentor of the young Marin Marais, composer of this music for the viol family, and their relationship was the subject of a film of some years back, Tous les matins du monde (All the mornings of the world). The film reignited a taste for the music of the viol family, cousins of the more familiar violin, viola, cello and double bass. This selection from the works of Marais is the best-sounding disc we know of music for viol. Strange at first, it returns to haunt you. Listen for yourself. Click here to hear it.
CD: M069A $17.95 Click to buy

Bach Suites for Unaccompanied Cello, vol. 1
"Buy it just for the sound," said our own Albert Simon in his review. But he didn't mean just the recorded sound, but the remarkable tone of Martin Zeller's cello playing these haunting suites. Turn out the lights, sit in a comfortable chair, and be prepared to be transported to another world! Click here to hear it.
CD: M073A $17.95 Click to buy
"Llama", pronounced "yama" in English, means either "flame" or "fire." It is, probably, the only recording in existence in which the "hang" is featured prominently, in this case, the only instrument, except for the wonderful voice of Sílvia Pérez Cruz. The hang is a percussion instrument inspired by the steel pan drums of Trinidad and Tobago. Amazing! Click here to hear it.
CD: M070A $17.95 Click to buy

Tonos y Tonadas
This is an exotic yet accessible recording by a group called La Chimera. It takes the listener on an extended musical journey between Spain and Latin America. While much of the content is "early music", the album also includes influences of the indigenous Indo cultures of South America, Africa and the folk music of those who emigrated from Spain to Latin America. In addition, there are contemporary pieces, some by members of the ensemble, others by locally known 20th century composers. Click here to hear it.
CD: M072A $17.95 Click to buy