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Cantate Domino

This choral record has become a classic of audiophile records. The title selection is stunningly beautiful. The second half is Christmas music, and includes the most stunning version of O Holy Night we've everh heard.
LP: PROP7762 $44.95
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Now the Green Blade Riseth

Religious music done in a new way: organ, chorus and modern orchestra. This is stunning music, arranged and performed by masters, and the emotional effect is joyous. The sound is clear, and the sheer depth is unequalled. A triumph!
LP: PROP9093 $44.95
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Jazz at the Pawnshop

An album of live jazz, with nearly perfect sound. It has been famous among audiophiles for years. There's something special about a live jazz album, and this purist recording helped launch the age of the audiophile record.
DOUBLE LP: 7778-79 $55.95
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Autumn Shuffle
Guitarist Peder af Ugglas wanders among blues and rock in this vinyl LP. Always beguiling, sometimes downright enthralling.
LP: LP22042 $29.95
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A sampler of recent Opus 3 recordings, many of them from analog originals. Includes Eric Bibb, Lars Erstrand. the Swedish Jazz Kings, many more.
LP: LP20000 $29.95
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Lars Erstrand & Four Brothers
Erstrand's followup album, also excellent.
LP: 8402 $24
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Test Record 3
This was the third of this famous Swedish label’s demo records. We have just two left, but with only inner sleeves (but, between us, Opus 3 was better at recording than at cover art).
LP:  $19.95
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Gunnar Lidberg
Jazz violinist Lidberg is accompanied by four other jazzmen, including vibraphonist Erstrand, in this fine recording of recognizable standards. Fine sound.
LP: 7904 $24
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Offenbach Overtures
The City of Birmingham Symphony has, surprisingly, all the frothiness you need for these raucous and joyous overtures to La Belle Hélène,, La Vie Parisienne, etc.
LP: KS-517 $24
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Percy Grainger Plays Schumann and Liszt

This and the next two LPs are made from reproducing pianos: something like a player piano, but storing not just keystrokes, but dynamics and pedal actions. These modified grand pianos were installed in a studio, and recorded in modern stereo.
Grainger was himself a famous composer, but here we hear him playing with a light touch and astonishing subtlety. This disc is at once interesting and pleasing to the ear. Get it!
LP: KS-109 $18.00
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Josef Lhevinne Plays Concert I
Despite his reputation, Lhevinne plays Chopin, Beethoven, Liszt and Schumann in a style that doesn't cut it today. It's an important historical document, though.
LP: KS-104 $12.00
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Ignaz Friedman: Concert II
The Invitation to the Dance, La Campanella and several of Friedman's own works...played with a leaden hand. Historical document.
LP: KS-115 $12.00
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Mannheim Steamroller is a sort of Baroque'n'Roll group, mixing old musical styles with synth rock, always with flawless musical taste and judgement. It works, and how! You'll play this one a lot of times. This is one of the best Christmas recordings ever made.
LP: LPAG1984 $18.00
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Some of the best New Age orchestral music on an audiophile label, this suite was written and arranged by Rick Swanson.
LP: AG687 $12.00
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Urban Surrender
Ric Swanson again, with a fascinating suite for orchestra, and sometimes choral voices.
LP: AG600 $12.00
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Through the Lens
The Checkfield group (John Archer and Ron Satterfield) in a classic New Age mix of acoustic and synth music.
LP: AG788 $12.00
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Pianist Jackson Berkey plays Debussy, Rachmaninoff and Satie on a Baldwin SD-10 grand.
LP: AG371 $12.00
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Saving the Wildlife

This is another of those legendary albums by the rock/Baroque ensemble. Mannheim Steamroller. We wish we had a whole shelf filled with them, but this LP, like some of the wildlife, is the last of its kind. Did we mention we have only one copy?
LP: AG2086 $45.00
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A Touch of Kenneth Nash
The subtitle is "Music from a faraway place." For synths, guitar, bass, voice and more..
LP: MWLP121 $12.00
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The Avenue
Guitarist Kimbal Dykes, playing several instruments as well, provides a very personal version of music of Bach, Rodrigo, and others. Just one left of this one!
LP: MWLP140 $12.00
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Carole Farley Sings Richard Strauss

Soprano Carol Farley. accompanied by an orchestra conducted by the celebrated José Serebrier, sings the closing scenes from Capriccio, op.85 and Daphne, op.82. A superb recording from Chandos.
LP: ABRD1127 $24.00
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