‍    We still have two of these DACs, both demos. We reviewed them in UHF No. 90. You can see the review here. Of course, once these are gone, there will be no more.

ORDER Simaudio Moon 100D DAC, demo SOLD OUT


‍    Perhaps you’ve recognized them. These remarkable speakers from designer Daniel Dehay were once the reference speakers in our Alpha system, and they are a close ancestor of the Suprema II which remain our reference in our Omega reference system. This is a three-way system, with the minimalist crossovers Dehay was famous for.

‍    Its real claim to fame is the drivers you can’t see, a pair of push-pull woofers that, unlike reflex speakers, maintain control to the lower limits of audibility.

‍    Our pair has been modified (by us) with better WBT binding posts. They come with bonnets which hide the top part, but which you may or may not want to use.

‍    They’re difficult to ship, so naturally we’d be thrilled to find a local buyer, but we’ll find a way.

ORDER 3A MS5 loudspeakers, $3695. Click to order


‍    Why did Technics ever stop production of one of the world’s best semi-pro magnetic recorders? It was better than Revox, better than Studer, better than Sony, better than TEAC. Why? Because it had a capstan and roller on either side of the tape heads…but because there’s a loop, the two capstans are the same. And a servo tension system regulates tension on the tape to prevent stretching.

‍    We have four three of these magnificent machines, and we need only one, so we are willing to part with two of them. These are two-track machines, but there is a second set of four-track playback heads. Speeds are 19 and 38 cm/second (7.5 and 15 its, and variable. You can see the user manual in PDF by clicking here, and the service manual can be purchased as well. Shipping is free within Canada, with a supplement elsewhere. 

‍    Available separately: a wired remote control for the 1500. 

ORDER Technics 1500 recorder, $3600. Click to order one

ORDER Wired remote for Technics 1500, $79. Click to order one

ORDER Service manual (PDF) for Technics 1500, $29.95 Click to buy it

‍    Need tape to go with your recorder? We have a large quantity of bulk tape, factory-sealed, Canadian-made. Reels and boxes too.


‍    This remarkable device  can make a scratched LP sound like new again, and unlike some newer devices, it does it entirely in the analog domain.

‍    It delays the signal for a few milliseconds. When it detects a click or pop, it patches it with a tiny bit of surrounding sound. It can’t fix a heavily damaged record that has been left out on the carpet, but it does magic with even a deep scratch.

‍    it includes an inversion switch that lets you hear the noise it is removing, so you can adjust the sensitivity so it removes only the scratch and not the music. Plug it into the tape loop in your amp or preamp, and you can keep it out of the circuit when it’s not needed.

‍    We have two, and only two, in perfect condition.

ORDER SAE 5000, $399 Click to buy it