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The BIS Audio Vivat

‍    This remarkable cable is a lot more affordable than previous super-interconnects we have tested, but with performance that is simply extraordinary. When we reviewed it, it still bore the name "EXP" (for experimental), but we proclaimed the experiment a revelation, and asked that it please be put into production. And here it is. The connectors are ETI's acclaimed Bullet plugs.
NOTE: We have worked for years with Bernard and Michèle at BIS Audio. The company has now closed, alas. We still have stock of Vivat interconnects, in 1m length only.

ORDER BIS-V-1, 1-meter pair BIS Vivat, They were $950, closing out at $750. Click to buy


‍    Her career is still advancing, and rightly so. We first discovered Carpenter at a high-end audio demonstration, and we became intent fans. Here’s a five-disc set: Hometown Girl, The Calling, State of the Heart, and, to make sure you’re not missing anything, The Best of Mary Chapin Carpenter and The Essential Mary Chapin Carpenter. Five discs for $69.95.

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Classical duets, guitar and flute, by a pair of twin sisters who are blonde and gorgeous…they’re a public relations dream. And there’s no way their talent can live up to the hype. Right?
Well, yes in fact. Nadia and Annie Labrie have the ”look” that agents dream of, but they have the talent to match. These three discs of classical excerpts, adapted for their instruments, are marvels. Limited quantity.
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A Touch of Kenneth Nash
The subtitle is "Music from a faraway place." For synths, guitar, bass, voice and more..
LP: MWLP121 $12.00
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The Avenue
Guitarist Kimbal Dykes, playing several instruments as well, provides a very personal version of music of Bach, Rodrigo, and others. Just one left of this one!
LP: MWLP140 $12.00
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