A Touch of Kenneth Nash
The subtitle is "Music from a faraway place." For synths, guitar, bass, voice and more..
LP: MWLP121 $12.00
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The Avenue
Guitarist Kimbal Dykes, playing several instruments as well, provides a very personal version of music of Bach, Rodrigo, and others. Just one left of this one!
LP: MWLP140 $12.00
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Technics 1500 recorder

‍    Why oh why did Panasonic stop building this astonishing recorder? Suffice it to say that we have a couple left. This is a two-track stereo recorder with an additional 4-track play head. Superb as is, it can be modified by several companies. $3600

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Simaudio Moon W-5LE

‍    We have long considered the Moon W-5 as one of the world’s best high-powered amplifiers. The LE (Limited Edition) was the ultimate version. Originally $7500, it would be several times that if Simaudio still built it. This is our own, for $4200.

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