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‍    These are the most legendary of Swedish audiophile recordings. This all-analog production, from 1976, was made in The Pawnshop, a Swedish British-style pub, with Sweden’s most accomplished jazz musicians, improvising. The sound is what every live recording should be, lively, all-enveloping. This two-pack includes the first and second volume of the session, transferred to high-definition SACD, and of course with a layer compatible with all CD players. We have a limited number, but during this Flash Sale you can get both for $19.95. That’s less than our usual list price.

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‍    The samplers from this famous Swedish audiophile label are wonderful demo collections. The brilliant Opus 3 engineer, Jan-Eric Persson, would spend a day getting his two (and only two) microphones in exactly the right place, in a true Blumlein stereo arrangement, and then letting his musicians do what they do best. The results are stunning. These are some of the best of Opus 3, in high-resolution SACD, with the usual CD-compatible layer. Both of them for $19.95, less than half price.

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Winston Ma’s wonderful label is long gone, but we have some leftover stock, which we are offering as a package, at a fraction of the original price. These recordings were mastered in 24-bit XRCD from the original tapes. We have only one pack, and then they’re gone.

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‍    Her career is still advancing, and rightly so. We first discovered Carpenter at a high-end audio demonstration, and we became intent fans. Here’s a five-disc set: Hometown Girl, The Calling, State of the Heart, and, to make sure you’re not missing anything, The Best of Mary Chapin Carpenter and The Essential Mary Chapin Carpenter. Five discs for $69.95.

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