Part Six:
Reading Much More About Hi-Fi

You've now completed the UHF Hi-Fi Course. We hope you found it worthwhile, but perhaps you're hungry for more.

What you have read ia set of excerpts from Gerard Rejskind's best-selling book, The World of High Fidelity, available from UHF Magazine at a special Internet price. And we're about to make you an offer you can't refuse.

As you can guess, there's lots more to read in this 224-page book:

  • Foreword: Why yet another book on high fidelity?
  • Welcome to my World: What is high fidelity? It's not what they probably told you.
  • Where Hi-Fi Came From: A little history to indicate where we may be going.
  • Modern Hi-Fi: This is what the system you can buy will probably contain.
  • Sources: Beginning at the Beginning: Why the CD player or the turntable is the most important component
  • The World of Digital: The ins and outs of the biggest audio revolution of our time
  • The World of Analog: No, the LP isn't dead. Here's how to get the most from it
  • Amplifying: What's inside those expensive boxes
  • Loudspeakers: Why most speakers don't do what their makers say they do
  • Getting It Off the Air: Is it worth adding a tuner to a high end system? Which one?
  • The World of Accessories: Stands, cables, stabilizers, green pens, etc.
  • Home Cinema: Why settle for sound when you can have a picture too? But...
  • Selling it. Buying it.: How to sell high fidelity successfully. How to find it and buy it.
  • Getting the System You Want: How to get from the system you can afford to the one you really want
  • Acoustics: Meet the final hi-fi component, your listening room
  • The World Goes On: The ultimate challenge to hi-fi

But that's not all.

We also want to offer you your own copy of our earlier (1990) book, "The UHF Guide to Ultra High Fidelity." A full 224 pages of information not available elsewhere.

A practical manual for the discovery and exploration of high fidelity. Includes in-depth coverage of how the hardware works, including tubes, "alternative" loudspeakers, subwoofers, crossover networks, biamplification. It explains why, not just how. It has full instructions for aligning a tone arm, and a gauge is included. A complete audio lexicon makes this book indispensable.

The two books start at a price of $36.90 in Canada...but we did say we wanted to make you an offer.


The World of High Fidelity
$21.95 in Canada, plus tax, $21.95 US in the US, $30 Canadian elsewhereA $5 discount on each book when purchased at the same time as a subscription.
The UHF Guide to Ultra High Fidelity
$14.95 in Canada, plus 7% GST, $19.95 US in the USA, $25 Canadian elsewhereA $5 discount on each book when purchased at the same time as a subscription.

SPECIAL INTERNET OFFER (if you promise not to tell anyone):

The World of High Fidelity plus The UHF Guide to Ultra High Fidelity plus a free sample issue of UHF Magazine (our choice--not necessarily the latest issue). Be sure to mention the title of this Net page:
  • $27 in Canada, plus 7% GST ($28.89 total), or 15% HST in NF, NB, NS
  • $27 US in the USA
  • $45 (Canadian) elsewhere in the world, including air mail

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