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Originally famous for its direct-to-disc LP's, Sheffield's catalog includes great recordings of classical, jazz and pop artists.


Records shown in red have been used in UHF Magazine's tests of audio equipment.

Lincoln Mayorga and Distinguished Colleagues
JGo back to the early days of audiophile recordings. By the time this magazine was founded, nearly 30 years ago, all but the last of these three live jazz recordings were unavailable. Finally, they're back, on two full CDs.
CD: 10086A-B $36
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I've Got the Music in Me
Another oldie from Sheffield Lab, originally bearing the number LAB-2. Thelma Houston (with her group, the aptly-named Pressure Cooker) has a voice of unbelievable power, and it took an audiophile label to bring it into your home. The direct-cut album is long gone, but this powerful Gospel-tinged album is back on a spectaclr CD. Stand back!
CD: 10076 $21
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The Amanda Albums
Both of Amanda McBroom's famous audiophile discs get squeezed onto a single CD, and at a lower-than-ever price. Hear why she was a mainstay of audiophile shows. Includes the Oscar nominated song, The Rose, which Amanda wrote.
CD: 10080 $21.00 Click to buy

Drum/Track Record
Two famous LP's combined on one Compact Disc. This is without a doubt the most dynamic music ever recorded! The new version has been remastered from the original direct-to-disc LPs.
CD: 10081 $21 Click to buy

Say It With Music
A collection of Irving Berlin songs sung by Sheffield's best find in years, Margie Gibson. Warm, emotional singing, by a singer with a lovely voice and a sure sense of melody, well served by the fine sound.
CD: CD-36 $21 Click to buy

My Disc
This is Sheffield's test and evaluation recording, billed as a "must" for critical lisy=tening and evaluation, or even system design.
CD: 10508-2-T $21 Click to buy

Tower of Power
The original group, with its bright, brash brass was a sensation at audiophile shows. Now the disc is back, with four cuts never before released. This CD is remastered from the original direct-to-disc LPs.
CD: 10074 $21 Click to buy

Harry James and his Big Band (gold CD)
Harry James was so astonished by the way his famous big band sounded on Sheffield, that he said he would have done this recording for free! This landmark recording (now on a CD gold disc) includes 16 of the band's signature tunes.

Still Harry After All These Years
Another classic Big Band classic, with Harry playing Caravan, Take the A Train, Moonglow, lots more.
CD: SL10071 $21 Click to buy