‍    UHF began life in 1982 (under the name Hi-Fi Sound Magazine) in Montreal, on a street called l’Esplanade. In 1984, its editor, Gerard Rejskind, became publisher, and the magazine moved to Longueuil, on Montreal’s south shore, in a three-storey house built in 1849. We sometimes referred to it as Château Hi-Fi.

‍  On April 19th, UHF Magazine (as it has long been called), moved to Montreal itself. It occupies a large 9th floor suite looking toward the Saint-Lawrence river and the mountains beyond.

‍  You’ll understand why there has been a pause in our activities. A move after so many years required heroic work. The archives of the magazine alone are huge. There was considerable delay in fulfilling orders, though we hope to be caught up shortly, now that we have finally handed the keys over to Château Hi-Fi’s new owners.

‍  It has been a tough 2022…and we had thought 2020 was awful.

‍  Shortly after Christmas, two of us were hit by COVID-19, in one case with potentially fatal results. That was at the time of the occupation of the city of Ottawa, when some doofus was holding up a crude sign proclaiming that “There is no virus.“ Hmm…yes, there is, though some people survive it. If you’ve also suffered from it, our best wishes go with you.

‍  Coming with us is our Omega reference system, the one with Reference 3A Suprema II speakers and Moon electronics. To be sold (you’ll see it on our site shortly) is the Alpha system, with Living Voice OBX speakers (the ones with external crossovers), the wonderful Moon W-5LE amplifier, a Copland tube preamp, and a whole lot of other products we think the world of. Stay tuned for that.

‍  And in the days ahead we’ll let you know about what’s coming up in UHF No. 102. It may be delayed by COVID and the move, but we think you’ll like it.


‍    UHF Magazine, before it was a magazine, was a broadcast production company. We still have some great tape machines from those days. We’re keeping one, of course, but three of them are for sale. You’ll find them on the Hardware page of our Audiophile Boutique, along with remote controls and service manuals.

‍    The Technics 1500 was the best in its class, with super mechanical design.

‍    We also have blank tape for these magnificent monsters, and we’ll be listing it shortly. We’re talking about brand new bulk tape, Canadian-made, in factory-sealed boxes. Let us know what you need.

‍    We’re also doing inventory on associated gear: Dolby noise-reduction units, and professional-grade condenser microphones. They’ll be listed shortly, and we’ll be adding more products as well.


‍    Our new headquarters are high above the city of Montreal, and we have a view we could charge visitors for.

‍    Our new digs are large, but not as large as the three-storey house that was so long our headquarters. That meant we had to get rid of a lot of things (two containers’ worth), and we need to go through our packing crates and find everything. Our main computer, an iMac, is once again connected to the network. Our other computer, the one used to fulfill orders, is not. But it should be back up soon.

‍    We have thousands of dollar in orders waiting to be shipped, and we’re eager to get them to you. We’re advancing with all deliberate speed.


‍    We had hoped to keep the phone number that has been ours since 1976, but it was not to be. The number was from Montreal’s south shore, specifically Longueuil. We couldn’t keep it now that we were moving to Montreal proper.

‍    But companies change phone numbers all the time, and anyway fewer and fewer readers and suppliers now use landlines to contact us. For the next few days, the old phone number will remain active, and then it will disappear forever.

‍    The new phone number?

‍    It’s 514-488-1264. As usual, we try to answer it Monday through Friday 9-to-5 (Eastern Time).

‍    The new address is 4840 Cote Saint-Luc. Suite 903, Montreal (QC) H3W 2G1

‍    And yes, as you can see from the photo, it snowed that day, even though it was late April.


‍    We’ve been receiving great comments on our 101st edition of UHF Magazine. Oh, some of the praise was for having got to a hundred issues, but also for having packed it with so much information…information you’re unlikely to find in other publications. We included in-depth articles on audio sources, on analog audio, on digital, on streaming, on acoustics, and on the nature of high fidelity itself. You can buy an issue or even subscribe by clicking here.

‍    But what about issue No. 102? We’re hard at work on it.

‍    We’ll have more in-depth articles about Class D amplification (if you read about it two or more years ago, you’ll want to update). We’ll have a lot about the use of high-density chips in audio, and the new generation of high-frequency power supplies.

‍    We’ll have a surprising revelation about home cinema (it’s something we should already have known about, but better late than never).

‍    And now that Daniel Craig’s final appearance as 007 is out (though not yet in Blu-ray), we’ll take a new look at the way that the Bond franchise has used music as a highly effective marketing tool.

‍    As usual, music titles will mostly be live links to online clips.

‍    Of course we’ll have equipment reviews, including one that will astonish you. It astonished us.