Other audio accessories

Levitation Vibration Control

    Wouldn't it be wonderful is you could isolate your audio gear from vibration by making it float in the air? The LVC pods, from Gershman Acoustics, can do just that. Each pod contains magnets of the same polarity. Magnetic repulsion causes levitation.
Now, we must admit that we scoffed when we heard about this, because the theory appears to have a hole in it big enough to run a UPS truck through. Then we tried it on a tube amplifier, and heard pretty good turn into terrific. We're convinced.
The LVC40 is designed for gear weighing about 40 lbs (18 kg). The LVC90 uses stronger magnets for heavier gear, something like 90 lbs (about 40 kg).
We offer them in sets of four. If you want individual ones (because you want only three, or you bought three and you want a fourth one), we'll break up the sets as well.
ORDER LVC40KIT, set of four pods, $299.95
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ORDER LVC100KIT,set of four pods, $349.95 Click to buy
ORDER LVC40 individual pod, $85 each Click to buy
ORDER LVC100 individual pod, $95 each Click to buy

Soundcare Superspikes

‍    Got hardwood floors, and you don't want to puncture them with spikes or cones? The answer is the Superspike, shown above:, a sealed unit containing both a spike and a dish to receive it. (the one at right is disassembled for illustration only). Not suitable for carpets, but superb on hard surfaces. Four different shanks to fit virtually any stand or speaker. The supplied locking nut keeps them tight.

Order SSKQ: kit of 4 Superspikes with 1/4" shank, $75 Click to buy
Order SSKT: kit of 4 Superspikes with 5/16" shank, $75 Click to buy
Order SSKS: kit of 4 Superspikes with 6mm shank, $75 Click to buy
Order SSKH: kit of 4 Superspikes with 8mm shank, $75 Click to buy

The Superspike with a 1/4-inch shank has 20 threads per inch
The Superspike with a 5/16-inch shank has 18 threads per inch
The Superspike with a 6 mm shank has 10 threads per centimetre
The Superspike with an 8 mm shank has 8 threads per centimetre


Don't have anything to screw the shank into?

Get a set of three adhesive Superspikes, like this one. Just lift off the paper to uncover the adhesive pad, and push it firmly against the underside of the speaker, stand, amplifier, etc. It's $50 for a set of three. Order SSKA. Click to buy

Want to isolate an amplifier or CD player equipped with those wide but useless feet? Unscrew the existing foot, and use the same retaining screw to fasten a Superspike replacement feet (shown here, upside down). Slightly taller than most feet, but unobtrusive. The exterior part is matte black but is easy to spray paint. A set of four feet is $80. Order SSKF. Click to buy