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Levitation Vibration Control

     Wouldn't it be wonderful is you could isolate your audio gear from vibration by making it float in the air? The LVC pods, from Gershman Acoustics, can do just that. Each pod contains magnets of the same polarity. Magnetic repulsion causes levitation.
     Now, we must admit that we scoffed when we heard about this, because the theory appears to have a hole in it big enough to run a UPS truck through. Then we tried it on a tube amplifier, and heard pretty good turn into terrific. We're convinced.
     The LVC40 is designed for gear weighing about 40 lbs (18 kg). The LVC90 uses stronger magnets for heavier gear, something like 90 lbs (about 40 kg).
     We offer them in sets of four. If you want individual ones (because you want only three, or you bought three and you want a fourth one), we'll break up the sets as well.
ORDER LVC40KIT, set of four pods, $299.95 Click to buy

ORDER LVC100KIT,set of four pods, $349.95 Click to buy
ORDER LVC40 individual pod, $85 each Click to buy
ORDER LVC100 individual pod, $95 each Click to buy

Foundation stands
The Foundation stands are built in Canada by Focus Audio. There are no holes in the top, because these astonishing stands come already filled with...Foundation's secret formula. We don't know what's inside, but striking it is like hitting an SUV loaded with tombstones.
     The finish is a matte black that leaves the spotlight on the speakers themselves. The included spikes are adjustable from the top. The speaker can be secured to the stand with a material such as our own Audio-Tak (shown on this page).
     The stands are 61 cm (24 inches) high. For first-rate compact speakers, this is the stand to get. For delivery in Canada and the US only, and drop-shipped from the factory via UPS.
ORDER: FFA, one pair Foundation stands, $1495 Click to buy

Soundcare Superspikes

 Got hardwood floors, and you don't want to puncture them with spikes or cones? The answer is the Superspike, shown above:, a sealed unit containing both a spike and a dish to receive it. (the one at right is disassembled for illustration only). Not suitable for carpets, but superb on hard surfaces. Four different shanks to fit virtually any stand or speaker. The supplied locking nut keeps them tight.

Order SSKQ: kit of 4 Superspikes with 1/4" shank, $75 Click to buy
Order SSKT: kit of 4 Superspikes with 5/16" shank, $75 Click to buy
Order SSKS: kit of 4 Superspikes with 6mm" shank, $75 Click to buy
Order SSKH: kit of 4 Superspikes with 8mm shank, $75 Click to buy

The Superspike with a 1/4-inch shank has 20 threads per inch
The Superspike with a 5/16-inch shank has 18 threads per inch
The Superspike with a 6 mm shank has 10 threads per centimetre
The Superspike with an 8 mm shank has 8 threads per centimetre


Don't have anything to screw the shank into?

Get a set of three adhesive Superspikes, like the one at left. Just lift off the paper to uncover the adhesive pad, and push it firmly against the underside of the speaker, stand, amplifier, etc. It's $50 for a set of three. Order SSKA.

Click to buy

Want to isolate an amplifier or CD player equipped with those wide but useless feet? Unscrew the existing foot, and use the same retaining screw to fasten a Superspike replacement feet (shown here, upside down). Slightly taller than most feet, but unobtrusive. The exterior part is matte black but is easy to spray paint. A set of four feet is $80. Order SSKF Click to buy

The return of the Isobearing


     Audioprism's Isobearing was, in our tests, the very best anti-vibration device made, and we had tested some very expensive ones. We were unhappy when Audioprism closed down and the Isobearing disppeared. Only now it's back, and at the original price too!
     It consists of a cup that actually acts like a suction cup (handy for those glass shelves that are all to popular on AV equipment stands). Into that fits the energy-absorbing ball. It feels like a Superball, and you would assume that if you dropped it would bounce high. In fact it drops like a lump of putty, because it doesn't store energy. We use them ourselves, and that's what our Blu-ray player sits on. The standard Isobearing is made to hold a weight of 2 kg (4.4 pounds). So you use the number needed so that each gets about the right load. They're available individually, though of course three is the minimum practical number. Just enter the number you need. Order ISO-M, $25 each. Click to buy
For heavier gear, get the larger Isobearing 3.3, designed to handle up to 7.5 kg each (about 17 pounds). Order ISO-G, THIS VERSION IS OUT OF STOCK

  • Tenderfeet cones

         What's even better than spikes? The machined aluminum Tenderfeet give superior isolation from the floor, useful with speakers that deliver high bass energy to the house structure, and very good with electronic equipment as well. Unlike some other cones, Tenderfeet are anodized to protect them from tarnishing, and they have a threaded hole to allow screwing them to the equipment.
    The TFG (natural aluminum color) costs $18 each Click to buy
    The TFGN (black) costs $23.00 Click to buy
    To screw either cone into a speaker, order the THB hanger bolt, at 80 cents each. It is half machine screw, to go into the cone, and half wood screw, to go into the speaker. Click to buy
         If you have carpets, the point of a cone or spike will tend to go between the fibers, and do much less damage than an ordinary foot would. But if you have hardwood floors you don't want to mar, add the Tendercup, shown above. It is an inverted cone with a small depression to receive the point of either a cone or a spike. The TCP (aluminum) costs $15 Click to buy
         Tenderfeet are also available in a short version (aluminum-colored only), which looks like a pointy version of the Tendercup. It is not quite as effective, but it is useful under equipment that can't be raised off the floor more than a small amount. The TFP (silver) is $15 Click to buy  The TFP (black) is $17 Click to buy

    Smarter Speaker Support
    Need to fasten a speaker on a wall? Flush against the wall isn't good, and straight on isn't good either. What you need is brackets that hold the speaker just off the wall (they work even with speakers that have rear ports), and can be aimed where you want. The solution is the Smarter Speaker Support.

    How easy can it get? You just screw one part of the support to the wall using the supplied screws and anchors. Screw the other part to the rear of the speaker. It then takes five seconds to put the two halves together. The speaker now swivels left or right, and it can be tilted up or down at the angle you want. It will stay that way too. The support is made up of unbreakable glass-filled polycarbonate. It's been tested to 25 kg (55 lbs!), which is a ridiculously heavy speaker for wall mounting...but it will work. There's just nothing else this good or this easy to use. Limited quantities.
    ORDER SSPS, $39.95 Click to order


         We often talk about this blue stuff that looks like modelling clay, but never hardens. We use it under cones, between speakers and stands, and many other places. We tame resonances with it, and we hold cables down with it. Nothing in the audio world is as useful as Audio-Tak. Because many audiophiles have trouble finding it, we've added our own version to The Audiophile Store. It comes with full instructions, though chances are you'll discover uses we haven't mentioned. The AT-2 is a set of three sections of Audio-Tak, just $10 Click to buy

    The Super Antenna, MkIII
         You'd think it shouldn't be that hard to build a desktop antenna for FM or television. But the people who make "rabbit ears" work to make the outside look fine, and then pinch pennies on the inside, where they figure you won't see it. Besides, they don't know what they're doing. The rotary phase switch found on most antennas actually generates FM multipath distortion...and TV ghosts.
         So we decided to design our own. It has only enough metal parts to make it work, and no dumb "phase" switch...those actually manufacture multipath. We then add a quality transformer, put in a plump multi-shielded cable with a 24K gold plated F connector. The result is the Super Antenna, now in its third incarnartion.
         We tried it first on a TV set, and we were stunned. Without the phase switch, without a twin lead to act as a second antenna, and with minimum loss and interference thanks to the special cable, off-air broadcasts looked better than ever (yes, much better than on cable). The result on FM is dynamite. The Super Antenna covers all broadcast TV stations, channels 2 to 69, plus the FM band. We even use our own Super Antenna to pull in off-the-air high-definition signals, and they come in with pristine quality.
         The antenna is available with 21-day refund, less only our shipping cost
    ORDER FM-S Super Antenna, $59,95 Click to buy



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