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Founded in the 1970's, Klavier was originally set up to record keyboard music of a special type. In the early part of the century, famous pianists had "recorded" their performances on the reproducing piano, a high-tech version of the player piano. A reproducing piano was set up in a concert hall, and recorded in modern stereo. Conventional classical recordings followed. A number of these recordings were done by Keith O. Johnson, who would later make Reference Recordings famous. Today's Klavier is making modern classical recordings, however, sometimes with some of the world's finest artists. Remember...all of the recordings on this list are recommended by UHF.


Records shown in red are used by UHF Magazine in its tests of audio equipment.

Norman Dello Joio
This contemporary composer has long written delightful music for wind band, exploring the sensual, tactile timbres of wind instruments and percussion. This is some of his best work, played in majestic fashion by the Keystone Wind Ensemble, with some of the best sound to be sound on CD. Includes an interview with Dello Joio, by the way.
CD: K11138 $21.00
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Sonatas for Flute and Harp
These same great artists with sonatas by Krumpholz and Damase, as well as Spohr and Glinka. Oh yes, and a spectacular solo harp version of Ibert's hilarious Entr'acte.
CD: KCD-11015 $21.00
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Music in the Air
The Eastern Wind Symphony with music by McAlister, Alfred Reed, and others. Another of Bruce Leek's terrific recordings and CD transfers.
CD: K11132 $21.00 Click to buy

Alma Latina
Literally "Latin soul," this is a collection of Brazilian and other Latin music for cello with piano accompaniment. Supremely beautiful, with a perfectly balanced recording by Bruce Leek. Click here to read the full UHF review
CD: K11125 $21.00 Click to buy

An unexpected find: the (superb) North Texas Wind Symphony plays a number of surprising modern works, by Daniel McCarthy, Scott Lindroth, and others. Lifelike sound. Click here to read the full UHF review

The Trio Amadé plays works from Aaron Copland, Leonard Bernstein and Astor Piazzolla, in a vivid performance mastered by Bruce Leek.
CD: KCD-11053 $21.00 Click to buy

The North Texas Wind Symphony, which has become a wind band powerhouse under its conductor, Eugene Migliaro Corporon, plays five dazzling works by Hindemith and others.
CD: KCD-11144 $21.00 Click to buy

Premiere Evening
Lowell Graham conducts the American Promenade Orchestra in expertly rendered light classics, including the Overture to The Merry Wives of Windsor, an overture by Busoni, and even a world premiere of Lalo's Arlequin. Nice stuff.
CD: KCD-11053 $21.00 Click to buy

Paderewski Plays Beethoven, Liszt, etc.
The magic of the reproducing piano gives us a fine stereo recording of the legendary pianist doing a Beethoven sonata, and works by Debussy, Mendelssohn and Wagner, among others.
CD: KCD-11018 $21.00 Click to buy

Paderewski Plays Concert I
Music by Chopin, Schubert and Debussy played by one of the greatest pianists of the century. A certain lack of nuance by modern standards, but a towering interpretation, and a thrill to hear.
LP: KS-127 $12.00 Click to buy

Baroque Recorder Vol.1
Hans Martin Linde plays pieces by Vivaldi and Telemann for solo recorder.
LP: KS-511 $12.00 Click to buy

The Very Young Arthur Rubinstein, vol.1
Sure, there are stereo recordings of Rubinstein, but what if you could hear the way he played in the early 1920's...still in stereo? This is a program of Chopin, Schumann and Brahms. The recording is from acclaimed engineer Bruce Leek.
LP: KD-138 $18.00

The Very Young Arthur Rubinstein, vol.2
More of Rubinstein from the same period: Rimsky-Korsakov, Prokofiev, Chopin, Debussy, and more.
LP: KD-139 $18.00

Percy Grainger Plays Grieg
Via the Duo-Arte reproducing piano, composer and pianist Percy Grainger plays, in excellent stereo, several Grieg pieces, including an arrangement of the A Minor concerto.
LP: KS-101 $18.00 Click to buy

Rachmaninoff - Concert II
Most Rachmaninoff records are dim and scratchy. This one is in brillant hi-fi, thanks to the reproducing piano. Yet all the delicious nuances are there. He plays short pieces by such composers as Schubert and Mendelssohn,, as well as his own.
CD: KCD-11027 $24.00 Click to buy

Percy Grainger Plays Schumann & Liszt
Grainger was himself a famous composer, but here we hear him play a Schumann Symphonic Etude with a light touch and astonishing subtlety. On the same program: a Romance by Schumann, plus a Polonaise and a Hungarian Rhapsody by Liszt. This disc is at once interesting and pleasing to the ear. Get it!
LP: KS-109 $18.00 Click to buy

Schumann Sonatas 1 and 3
These two sonatas are played by Harold Bauer and Percy Grainger respectively. They are in modern stereo, thanks to Aeolian Duo-Art reproducing piano.
LP: KS-105 $12.00 Click to buy

Legendary Artists: 4 Hands v.1
Famous names of the early part of the century: Dame Myra Hess, Cyril Meir Scott, Ralph Leopold, Harold Bauer and others. The playing is disappointing, but this is a valuable historical document.
LP: KS-102 $12.00 Click to buy

Legendary Pianists, Concert 2
Joseph Hoffmann, Percy Grainger and Harold Bauer play Chopin, Debussy, Brahms, Schubert, and lots more.
LP: KS-121 $12.00 Click to buy

Josef Lhevinne Plays Concert I
Despite his reputation, Lhevinne plays Chopin, Beethoven, Liszt and Schumann in a style that doesn't cut it today. Historical document.
LP: KS-104 $12.00 Click to buy

Ignaz Friedman: Concert II
The Invitation to the Dance, La Campanella and several of Friedman's own works...played with a leaden hand. Historical document.
LP: KS-115 $12.00 Click to buy

Bauer: Beethoven, Brahms & Liszt
Harold Bauer came out of the 19th Century piano tradition, and our modern ears find his notes hard and flat. Fascinating historical document, though, recommended for those fascinated by the history of piano playing.
LP: KS-130 $12.00 Click to buy

Legendary Artists: 4 Hands v.2
Walter Damrosch, Percy Grainger and seven others. The disc is listenable, but it's mainly useful for hearing the taste of the time.
LP: KS-132 $12.00 Click to buy