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Vegas 2014
by Gerard Rejskind
All right, both CES and T.H.E.Show seemed smaller, but it would still have taken a year to tour them all.

Montréal 2014
by Gerard Rejskind
Our first look at the Salon Son&Image.

Screen Technologies
Is there anything beyond the me-too (incorrectly-named) LED TVs? There sure is. We look beneath the screen surface.

A Computer as a Music Source
A computer joined our reference system years ago. Here’s everything we know (so far) about making digital music sound better than ever before. We explain why a computer should have a place in your stack of components, how to choose one, how to set it up, and what results to expect.

The Focus Audio Liszt Prelude
A well-known Canadian speaker manufacturer tries its hand at a high-end tube integrated amplifier…and nails it.

The Copland CTA-506
Our favorite Danish maker of tube audio gear has a new power amp using a high-powered tube few people have heard of.

Cables and More Cables
We listen to interconnects, speaker and digital cables, most (but not all) from BIS Audio. And we find some gems.

The Moon MIND: First Look
We intend to give Simaudio’s fuss-free audio streaming device a thorough going-over. Here is part one of our evaluation.

Music for the Screen
by Reine Lessard and Kathe Lieber
Movie dialogue is as important as the picture. And in many a film, the music is as important as the dialogue and the picture put together.

Software Reviews
by Steve Bourke and Gerard Rejskind

Free Advice
State of the Art