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Issue 94
Image of the cover of UHF 94

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Salon Son & Image 2013
by Gerard Rejskind and Albert Simon
Another successful show in downtown Montreal.

Toronto 2013
by Gerard Rejskind and Kathe Lieber
Two of us tour TAVES, Toronto's third try at a modern high-end show.

Inside the Compact Disc
by Paul Bergman
As the CD slowly yields its place to the downloadable music file, here’s how it works, what it can do, and what it can’t.

Home Cinema With a Receiver
It can be done, and we tell you how. Before you buy, check the back.

Küdos Super 10
From Derek Gilligan, formerly of Neat, a small but high-achieving loudspeaker. And a high-end speaker stand worthy of it.

The Gershman Idol
Best known for large and very expensive speakers, this Canadian company aims for a more affordable range, and nails it.

The van Medervoot MA260
The what? It’s a class A integrated amplifier. It’s a high-resolution DAC. It’s under $2000. Any questions?

The ADL GT40
From Furutech, here in one box is an MM/MC phono preamp, a USB DAC, and a means of sending analog audio to your computer.

Digital boxes from Kingrex
A complete DAC, and a pair of USB adapters for other DACs that can use the help, and all at budget prices.

The Making of a Masterpiece
by Kathe Lieber
There has been only one good film on a classical musician...and it's about Mozart

Software Reviews
by Steve Bourke and Gerard Rejskind

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