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Issue 93
Image of the cover of UHF 93

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A Story of Three Shows
by Gerard Rejskind and Albert Simon
A whirlwind of news and observations from Vegas, Toronto and Montreal.

Audio Then and Now
As we enter our 31st year, we look back at some product reviews that have stuck in our memories.

Onkyo’s Home-Cinema Solution
If you want to save money by using a receiver for a high-end home cinema system, check out the Onkyo TX-NR709.

Feedback and Feedforward
by Paul Bergman
Feedback in amplifiers is widely understood. Feedforward not so much.

Quad Elite QSP Amplifier
Nostalgic for Quad’s legendary current-dumping amps? They’ve never gone away.

The Well Tempered Versalex
The most recent turntable from the maverick mind of Bill Firebaugh.

Moon 300D v.2
It’s our reference digital-to-analog converter in an upgraded (and more expensive) version. We compare.

An Affordable DAC
A digital-to-analog converter at a lower price, from BRIK.

Two Power Filters
From GutWire and Kingsound, solutions to your power problems.

Radar For Your Turntable
These two devices from Speednic tell you how fast your turntable is going.

Samsung’s Tube Boombox
If you associate Samsung with oversized phones and high-grade TV sets, lend an ear to this!

The Magic of the Violin
by Reine Lessard
One of the orchestra's oldest instruments remains a firm favorite,

Software Reviews
by Steve Bourke, Albert Simon and Gerard Rejskind

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