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Issue 92
Image of the cover of UHF 92

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Vegas 2012
by Gerard Rejskind
It was billed as the biggest CES ever, and you know what? It may have been just that.

Then and Now
by Gerard Rejskind
On this, our 30th anniversary, we look at the evolution of hi-fi.

Biff’s notes on Home Theatre
Yes, Biff’s notes. Cliff has lawyers!

A. J. Van den Hul
UHF’s Steve Bourke chats with the evergreen inventor and industrialist.

High Definition
by Paul Bergman
It’s not what you think. Paul presents a compact dictionary you may find useful.

Mastersound Evolution 845 Amplifier
It’s big, it’s expensive and it’s Italian. And we had never realized how good it really is.

The Eximus DP1
Imagine you could find a preamplifier-converter designed by Apple...at a Samsung price!

Two USB Interfaces 
Most contemporary DACs have USB inputs that are best avoided. But these two outboard boxes, from M2Tech and Stello respectively, change everything.

Van den Hul 3T Hybrid Interconnect 
A. J. Van den Hul pioneered the use of dual materials in audio cables. That didn’t prepare us for his newest hybrid cable.

New Cables from Atlas 
The Scottish company discontinued some of its best-known cables, but launches new ones. They don’t all pass, but those that do…

Classics and Beyond
by Toby Earp
There’s more to classical music than just “classical music.”

Software Reviews
by Steve Bourke and Gerard Rejskind

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