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At last...a Toronto show!
by Gerard Rejskind
It had been years, even decades, since Toronto audiophiles had their own show.

Touring Montréal 2011
by Albert Simon
Checking out the Salon Son & Image...with friends.

The Musical Imperative
by Gerard Rejskind
Are humans programmed to need music? And has it always been that way?

The 3D Wave
Waves come in…but then they go out again. Hollywood has seen 3D waves before. Is this the one that sticks around?

Reference Reinvents Vinyl
We know Keith O. Johnson and his colleagues have thought about this for a long time. Here’s how they got it right.

Benchmark DAC1 HDR
It’s a converter. And it’s a preamp. And it’s a headphone amp. And it’s terrific.

The Audiomat Phono2
Going beyond our own reference phono preamp. Will it make us reach for our chequebook?

The Moon 330A Amplifier
Simaudio reverses the rend to increasingly large and costly powet amplifiers.

Trends TA-10.2 Amplifier
If it’s small and inexpensive you’re looking for, this pocket-sized amp stretches credibility.

Software for Music
Playing back music from your computer with iTunes? Two companies say they can do better.

The Beatles Forever
by Reine Lessard and Gerard Rejskind
The Fab Four appeared and siappeared a long, long time ago. So why do they still live on?

Software Reviews
by Steve Bourke and Gerard Rejskind

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