Issue 82

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The Black Magic of Soundproofing
by Paul Bergman
Want to keep sound out? Want to keep sound in? We can’t promise it will be easy

The Age of the Catalog
Remember when Radio Shack was somewhere you bought from by mail?

Sony Does High Definition
How good is the new-generation Sony Blu-Ray player? And how well does it play DVDs?

TThe Audio Space Reference 3.1
A tube amp that looks like the state of the art. We lend it an ear.

Sugden A21A
Its ancestor was once featured on our cover. That classic British class A integrated amp is back…

The Bryston BCD1 Player
The company is known for rock solid electronics, but it knows a thing or two about digital

The Blue Circle Thingee
What is it? One word: USB.

The BC Acoustique A3
We’ve been looking at these French speakers for years. Years!

Two more London Phono Cartridges
We actually bought the Reference model. Can the Jubilee and Super Gold compare?

The Q Subwoofer
Small, potent, and remote-controlled

Two line filters
The Audioprism Power Foundation III, and the PowerBIS

Interconnects: a Blind Test
Three cables, not named in advance

From Enrico to Luciano
by Reine Lessard
The tenors that the record made famous

Software Reviews
by Reine Lessard and Gerard Rejskind

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