Issue 80

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Absorbing Low Frequencies
by Paul Bergman
The series continues, with an evaluation of what materials can absorb those low frequencies

The Montreal Experience
by Gerard Rejskind
Touring the terrific (and less terrific) rooms at one of North America’s biggest audio shows

Haunting the Show
by Albert Simon
More coverage of Montreal 2007, the great and the really awful

Waiting for Godot
There are tons of new technologies coming to home theatre, but what’s taking so long?

The Linn Artikulat 350A Speakers
The “A” stands for active or — as Linn spells it — Aktiv. How does quintamplification sound?

The ASW Genius 300 Speakers
From Germany, a moderately-priced speaker that is slim, elegant, and what else?

The ModWright 9.0SE Tube Preamp
Can you use first quality parts and still hold the price below C$3000?

The Linn Klimax Kontrol
Linn’s top two-channel preamplifier. Think refinement inside a bank vault

The Linn Linto
In an anonymous black box, Linn’s take on phono preamplification

ModWright Phono Preamplifier
Bigger, heavier, and more expensive than its matching preamp, this is no mere accessory

Linn LP12 Turntable, the Final Version?
It’s not getting any cheaper, but it keeps on getting better

Hans Rietman on ASW Loudspeakers

The Music Teachers
by Reine Lessard
Most composers are male, but their teachers weren’t always

Software Reviews
by Reine Lessard and Gerard Rejskind

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