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Multichannel and Stereo
by Paul Bergman
Is stereo slated for replacement? Dig into the history of the medium, and it turns out that it depends on what you mean by stereo.

WBT Gets Religion
WBT's VP, Gabriele Hoffman, explains why her connector company has chosen a new direction.

Think Small: Eichmann Connectors
Eichmann's Rob Woodland explains to UHF why most connectors contain too much metal.

Making the Connection
Do connectors change the sound of a cable? We compare three connectors on the same cables.

Five Atlas Cables
Who? That's what everyone has been asking us. We do a blind test on four of these cables.

Simaudio Moon Equinox
Good enough to be your last Red Book CD player?

Simaudio Moon I-3
Like the company's other integrated amplifiers, it looks deceptively small.

Reference 3a Dulcet
Can the company's distinctive front-slanted loudspeakers be scaled down and still sound right?

Totem Rainmaker
A speaker to bring some sunshine into your life.

Studio Lab SLB 102 Speakers
Too much bass? Just add a subwoofer. No, really!

muRata Super Tweeters: a Second Look
So, how high can you really hear?

McCormack UDP-1 Player
Silver discs? It plays 'em all. Now we set out to find well?

Amplifiers from Exposure, Rogue and Connoisseur, a universal player from Lexicon, and much more.

Stories from the home theatre front
TiVo versus the establishment, the end of a DVD copying program, and the fight over DVD's successor.

by Reine Lessard
How Masses for the dead have brought comfort to the living

Software Reviews
by Reine Lessard and Gerard Rejskind

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