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Coincident Triumph Signature

Last time we listened to it, we thought it needed to go to finishing school. Since then, it's had a couple of semesters.

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That word "Signature" is a tough one to carry. The name seems to say that the product is the designer's Magnum Opus, the masterpiece he is proud to sign as his best work. When we last listened to this speaker in UHF No. 57, we thought it was a little too early in its development to bear the name. Since then, Israel Blume has done some work on his design. The model name remains unchanged, but Blume was confident enough in his work to submit it again. Our impression: this speaker does seem to have moved closer to having earned its title.
     It's a handsome speaker, visually unchanged from last time, with a fine wood finish and a dramatically bevelled front baffle. We broke them in a few dozen hours, and placed them on Target HJ-24 stands. An initial audition confirmed that they sounded fine when placed the way we place our reference speakers.
     We began with Stravinsky's Firebird (RR-70CD), with its difficult passages both very soft and very loud. As sometimes happens we were not unanimous in our judgement (that's why there are three of us). Albert was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the strings and the brilliance (in the good sense) of the brass. Reine liked the stereo image, and was satisfied with the overall sound, though she would have preferred more bottom end (funny how using a reference with a pair of push-pull subwoofers can spoil you!). Gerard liked it much less, finding the low-level passages too reticent, the rhythm too slow, the strings unrefined and the brass too "hi-fi..."

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Model: Coincident Triumph Signature
Price: US$999
Warranty: Not stated
Dimensions: 41 x 23 x 31 cm

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