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January 18th to 21st


Our new Alpha S25 loudspeaker cables
     In our review of three single-crystal speaker cables in UHF No. 25, This remarkable cable revealed itself as being of high-end quality, rivalling our own reference cables. We can make you up a set with the connector of your choice (see below, though we strongly recommend the Furutech FT-212, in either gold or rhodium plating), for $170/metre. (Note that a 3-metre pair includes 6 metres of wire).
ORDER S25 speaker cable, $170/metre. Click to buy

A special price on the Alpha S14

This wonderful loudspeaker cable, terminated at UHF's own workshop to the length you need and with the connectors you prefer. Despite its modest cost, S4 is made from continuous-cast single-crystal copper. Read our blind test in which we found it remarkable.
     In our photo, it is shown with the Furutech FP-202 rhodium-plated locking bananas ($80 per set of four, two sets required), or a number of other connectors, some of them free with a cable purchase (see below), some from the very latest generation.
     Note that our cables are priced per metre of wire. Thus, a 3-metre pair of cables require 6 metres of wire.
ORDER Alpha S14 speaker cable, price per metre of wire: usually $49.95, now $41.95 Click to buy

Alpha S25 loudspeaker cablesUHF's own jumper cables

Do your speakers come with two sets of binding posts, one set for the lows, and one for the highs? If you're using a single pair of cables from your amplifier, you won't want to use those flat gold-colored plates linking the two sets of posts. You can get jumpers that are independently made, but most are expensive, or awful, and usually both.
     So we've launched our own jumpers. The wire is single-crystal, which means each copper strand is a single crystal of metal. And the connectors are from Furutech.
     You have a choice of connectors. You can choose high-quality gold-plated spades. Or you can choose bananas, which connect under pressure. Or you can order them with spades at one end and bananas on the other. They're about 15 cm long. Custom lengths are available on order.
ORDER: UHFJ-B, two pairs of jumpers, locking bananas, Usually $189, for $169
Click to order
ORDER: UHFJ-S, two pairs of jumpers, spade connectors, usually $179 for $159
Click to order
ORDER: UHFJ-H, two pairs of jumpers, spades and bananas, usually $184 for $164
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A terrific gift idea: a classical music education in a box
     These are not ordinary CDs. They are gold audiophile discs, featuring complete works, not excerpts, by top European orchestras and ensembles. We go from the Renaissance to the 20th century. Our regular price is $119.95. During this Flash Sale, it's just $99.95. Limited quantity, we're sorry to say.
ORDER GCM-50, $99.95
Click to buy it