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The original Moon 300D digital-to-analog converter (Originally $2200)


It also has inputs for optical and coaxial connections. Add top-grade asynchronous USB (our recommendation), with the Stello U3 interface. The bundle includes a high-grade Atlas digital cable to link the two. The total original value would have been about $3000. The 300D is factory refurbished, with Simaudio warranty. The cable and Stello interface are used, but mint. This combination was long our reference digital source. First come, first served..


ORDER: Digital bundle, (DAC+Stello+cable) $1200
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The CEC TL51X top-loading transport is UHF's own. It has had only light use.
     In 1991, CEC introduced the TL1, the first product to use a belt-drive CD mechanism. All over the world, audiophiles and music lovers took note and gave the product an enthusiastic reception. Never before had such a wealth of detailed musical information been extracted from compact disc.
     And now, CEC presents the TL51X compatible with CD-R/RW discs incorporating the previous sophisticated belt-drive technologies. In the TL51X, the spindle motor, which drives the disc, is completely isolated from the mechanical chassis by the belt drive. Any vibration or electromagnetic noise arising from the motor are either shut out or absorbed at the source. As a result, quiet and smooth rotation is achieved on a level that a conventional CD player cannot reach.
     The Super Link allows the input of an external DAC clock and that this clock is automatically recognized by the player as the master clock.

ORDER THE TL51X BY ITSELF, $1600 Click to buy it

Add the Moon 300D DAC, factory refurbished with five-year Simaudio warranty.


Originally $2200, this DAC is listed on our site at $1299. With the TL51, add the 300D for another $600..
Get it all for $2699 First-come, first-served, need we add,.
ORDER: 300D, with CEC purchase, $600
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The Atlas Ichor speaker cables
     This was the predecessor of the Atlas Mavros cables, which we use in our Alpha reference room. Made of single-crystal copper (each strand is a single copper crystal, it is bi-wire ready, with 12 connectors. Like Mavros, it has separate wires for highs and lows -- stranded for the lows, solid-core for the highs. This 2-metre pair is fitted with Furutech FP-202R rhodium-plated locking bananas.(they alone cost $339). The original price of the Ichor cable is $235/metre, $940 total. Grab this last pair, with connectors, for $749. First come, first served.
ORDER AIS-2, Ichor speaker cables, 2m pair, $749
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