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We offer several interconnect cables, all of them evaluated and approved by UHF. Buy any of them in standard length (except for closeouts and special orders), and you can return it within 21 days for a refund, less our shipping cost.

All prices shown are in Canadian dollars.


Interconnect cables

The Atlas Mavros

This amazing interconnect is made from monocrystal copper and monocrystal connectors. We use one in our Omega reference system. Download the PDF version of our blind test of Mavros, from UHF No. 83.
ORDER AMI-1, 1 meter pair Mavros interconnect, $1350  Click to buy
ORDER AMI-2, 2 meter pair Mavros interconnect, $1995 
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The Atlas Hyper Symmetrical

This is the interconnect cable that replaces a long-time favorite, Navigator All-Cu. Like Navigator, it's made from strands of continuous-cast single-crystal copper. it employs an oxygen-free screen with copper mylar to give a 100% RFI rejection of RFI. The two signal-carrying conductors are grain free OCC with Teflon dielectric. The Hyper got high marks in a blind test, which will be up on our site shortly.
ORDER AHS-1, 1 meter pair Hyper Symmetrical, $425 Click to buy
ORDER AHS-2, 2 meter pair Hyper Symmetrical, $539 Click to buy

The Atlas Ascent Symmetrical

This remarkable cable is a lot more affordable than Mavros, but with performance well above that of Hyper. It also uses single-crystal copper strands sheathed in Teflon, with copper Mylar shielding. The shielding is just that -- a shield, and it carries no signal. The connectors are solder-free, with a self-wiping action that keeps the jacks clean.
ORDER AAS-1, 1 meter pair Ascent Symmetrical, $859 Click to buy
ORDER AAS-2, 2 meter pair Ascent Symmetrical, $995 COMING SOON

The Atlas Element Integra

Looking for good performance on a budget? The original Atlas Element went through a blind test, and proved to be the best $150 interconnect you could buy. Only it cost far less. Now comes the Element Integra, with a new solderless connector we like a lot. That connector has driven up the cost, but it remains in bargain territory considering its performance. List is $115 a pair. Our price: $99.
ORDER AELI-1, 1 meter pair Atlas Element, $99.00
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The BIS Audio Expression

We reviewed this cable, from one of our favorite small companies, in UHF No. 88 (you can read the review in PDF here). BIS designer Bernard Brien isn't one to talk about how he makes his cables, beyond the fact that he buys individual wires, not finished cables, and he listens to the cables he makes. The connectors are ETI's, one of our favorites.
ORDER BEI-1, BIS Expression 1m interconnects, $480
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ORDER BEI-2, BIS Expression 2m interconnects, $640 Click to buy

The return of Pierre Gabriel

Remember Pierre Gabriel. For many years The Audiophile Store offered its silver cables. They were expensive, but they were superb, and we continue to use some of them in two of our reference systems. Now, finally, Pierre Gabriel is back with its Artisan series of cables. Less expensive than the originals, the Artisan interconnects are still silver, and they use the excellent WBT nextgen silver locking connectors. The result is top-grade audio.
We have the cable in both 1m and 2m lengths. We also have the 1m length with WBT nextgen copper connectors, which of course costs a little less.
ORDER PGIau-1, 1m interconnect pair, $995
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ORDER PGIau-2, 2m interconnect pair, $1595 Click to buy
ORDER PGIcu-1, 1m interconnect pair, copper connector, $880 Click to buy

Loudspeaker cables

Atlas Mavros speaker cable

This is the best loudspeaker cable we have tried yet, and we have tried lots of them! It is a biwire-ready dual cable (monocrystal stranded for bass, monocrystal solid core for treble) with porous Teflon dielectric. Atlas makes it available with rhodium-plated locking bananas, or (as shown) with monocrystal gold-plated spades. This is the reference cable in our Alpha system, which now sounds better than ever before. Prices for connection to a single pair at the amplifier end, other connections on special order. Download the PDF version of our blind test of Mavros, from UHF No. 83.

UPDATE: We can offer the Mavros with ETI (Eichmann) Bayonet Bananas at no extra cost. Or you can get them with WBT's NextGen angled locking bananas, at $285 extra.

ORDER: AMBCu-3, 3 m pair, ETI bananas, $2150  
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ORDER: AMBCu-5, 5 m pair, ETI bananas, $3850  
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ORDER: AMSX-3, 3 m pair, monocrystal spades, $2800  
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ORDER: AMSX-5, 5 m pair, monocrystal spades, $4150  
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ORDER: WBT-0610U WBT NextGen upgrade, $325 installed.  Click to buy

Atlas Ichor speaker cable

     Very high quality biwire-ready speaker cable, made from pure (99.9997%) continuous-cast (single crystal) copper, insulated with Teflon, padded by cotton yarn against microphonic noise, and shielded with aluminized foil. The lows are handled by a 12 gauge multistranded wire, each strand composed of a single crystal of copper. The highs are conducted by a 16 gauge solid core continuous-cast wire.
     Price is C$235 per meter of wire (a 2m pair contains 4m in all), plus connectors. Click to order, and enter the number of meters or total cable you need as the quantity. If you have special instructions, the shopping cart form has a field for instructions to us. We'll get back to you if it's not perfectly clear.
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The first picture shows Eichmann Bayonet bananas ($99.95 per set of four, silver-soldered with no charge for termination).
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The second shows Furutech locking connectors. A biwired cable requires at least three sets.
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Atlas Hyper 2 speaker cable

     There are several cables in the Hyper series, all of which use pure copper and Teflon dielectric. Hyper 2 is not the most expensive one, but it is by far the best, a bargain we recommend without reservation., at $34.95 per metre of cable.
Click to order, and enter the number of meters or total cable you need as the quantity. If you have special instructions, the shopping cart form has a field for instructions to us. We'll get back to you if it's not perfectly clear. Click to buy
We recommend Eichmann bananas, $99.95 per set of four. That includes installation. A pair of cables requires two sets. Click to buy
Optionally, Hyper 2 (or Hyper Biwire, below) can be fitted with Furutech rhodium locking bananas, as in our photo ($70 for four). Click to order and set the quantity for the number of sets you want.
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Atlas Hyper Biwire speaker cable

     If you would rather biwire, this cable is identical to Hyper 2, but with a second pair of solid core pure copper wires for the highs. The price is $54.95 per metre of wire. A pair requires three sets of connectors (12 connectors in all) if the wires are joined up at the amplifier end.
Click to order, and enter the number of meters or total cable you need as the quantity. If you have special instructions, the shopping cart form has a field for instructions to us. We'll get back to you if it's not perfectly clear. Click to buy

Atlas single crystal jumpers

If you are not biwiriing and your speakers came with those dreadful flat jumpers, now's the time to dump them. These are top grade, made from single-crystal copper with gold-plated copper spades. $99.95 for a set of four.
ORDER: ACJ, two pairs single crystal jumpers $99.95 Click to buy

Digital cables

Atlas Opus: a high-performance digital cable
    We've listened long and hard to a lot of dross, digital cables that mess up rhythm, make chaos out of well-structured music, and generally waste the money you've spent on your gear. Not the Opus. This is a single-crystal cable. By the way, the 1.5m version sounds noticeably better than the 1m, and that's what we recommend. The new Opus has a different connector from the original, and that means we've been able to drop the price considerably from the $399 we were charging. But this new lower-priced version is available in limited quantity.
ORDER AOD-1.5 (1.5 meter) $239
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Atlas Mavros: reference-quality digital
     As we have improved our computer-based digital system to the best yet, we also adopted this new digital cable as a reference. It's a perfect link from the digital output of any CD or DVD player to a standalone digital-to-analog converter. It can also link a computer to a DAC, with the help of a USB'll see them over in our digital section.
     Oh, and you can get a special price on either the Opus or the Mavros if you buy either a Moon DAC or one of our two USB interface boxes. Audio from digital doesn't get any better than this!
ORDER AMD-1.5 (1.5 meter) $565 Click to buy

UHF's own optical TOSLINK cable
    Our recent comparison tests turned up this nicely-made TOSLINK optical cable, which delivered better quality to our converter than the other ones we could get our hands on. Now we've aded them to our store. The connectors fit pretty much all standard transports and converters. The longest one in stock is 3.6 m (12-feet) long, and much longer ones can be special-ordered.
If you want to connect to a component with a mini-TOSLINK, such as an Airport Express, or a MacBook Pro, just add the TMT adapter.
ORDER TD-1.8 TOSLINK cable, 1.8 m $22.95
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ORDER TD-3 TOSLINK cable, 3.m $29.95
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ORDER TMT mini-TOSLINK adapter, $3.95
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