Audio and Digital Cables


We offer several interconnect cables, all of them evaluated and approved by UHF. Buy any of them in standard length (except for closeouts and special orders), and you can return it within 21 days for a refund, less our shipping cost.
All prices shown are in Canadian dollars.

Interconnect cables

The Atlas Mavros


This amazing interconnect is made from monocrystal copper and monocrystal connectors. We use one in our Omega reference system, and we're about to get more. Download the PDF version of our blind test of Mavros, from UHF No. 83.
ORDER AMI-1, pair Mavros interconnects, 1m, $1499 Click to buy it
ORDER AMI-2 pair Mavros interconnects, 2m, $2100
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ORDER AMIX-1, Mavros balanced interconnects, 1m, $1800 Click to buy it

The BIS Audio Vivat
     This remarkable new cable (so new we don't yet have a photo) is a lot more affordable than Mavros, but with performance that is simply extraordinary. When we reviewed it, it still bore the name "EXP" (for experimental), but we proclaimed the experiment a success, and ask that it please be put into production. And here it is. The connectors are ETI's acclaimed Bullet plugs.
ORDER BIS-V-1, 1-meter pair BIS Vivat, $950
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The Atlas Hyper Symmetrical


This is the interconnect cable that replaces a long-time favorite, Navigator All-Cu. Like Navigator, it's made from strands of continuous-cast single-crystal copper. it employs an oxygen-free screen with copper mylar to give a 100% RFI rejection of RFI. The two signal-carrying conductors are grain free OCC with Teflon dielectric. The Hyper got high marks in a blind test.
ORDER AHS-1, 1 meter pair Hyper Symmetrical, $405 Click to buy
ORDER AHS-2, 2 meter pair Hyper Symmetrical, $519 Click to buy

The Atlas Element Integra


It's back, and we're really glad it is! Looking for good performance on a budget? The original Atlas Element went through a blind test, and proved to be the best $150 interconnect you could buy. Only it cost far less. Now comes the Element Integra, with a new solderless connector we like a lot...yes, even in a blind test. Our price: $99.
ORDER AELI-1, 1 meter pair Atlas Element, $99. Click to buy
ORDER AELI-2, 2 meter pair Atlas Element, $119. Click to buy

The BIS Audio Expression

     We reviewed this cable, from one of our favorite small companies, in UHF No. 88 (you can read the review in PDF here). BIS designer Bernard Brien isn't one to talk about how he makes his cables, beyond the fact that he buys individual wires, not finished cables, and he listens to the cables he makes. The connectors are ETI's, one of the new generation of low-mass connectors.

BEI-1, BIS Expression 1m interconnects, $480 Click to buy
ORDER BEI-2, BIS Expression 2m interconnects, $640 Click to buy

Loudspeaker cables

The Alpha S14

This is our newest loudspeaker cable, terminated at UHF's own workshop to the length you need and with the connectors you prefer. Despite its modest cost, S4 is made from continuous-cast single-crystal copper. Read our blind test in which we found it remarkable.
     In our photo, it is shown with the Furutech FP-202 rhodium-plated locking bananas ($80 per set of four, two sets required), or a number of other connectors, some of them free with a cable purchase (see below), some from the very latest generation.
     Note that our cables are priced per metre of wire. Thus, a 3-metre pair of cables require 6 metres of wire.
ORDER Alpha S14 speaker cable, price per metre of wire: $49.95 Click to buy

Alpha S25 loudspeaker cables
     In our review of three single-crystal speaker cables in UHF No. 25, This remarkable cable revealed itself as being of high-end quality, rivalling our own reference cables. We can make you up a set with the connector of your choice (see below, though we strongly recommend the Furutech FT-212, in either gold or rhodium plating), for $170/metre. (Note that a 3-metre pair includes 6 metres of wire).
ORDER S25 speaker cable, $170/metre. Click to buy

Atlas Hyper Bi-Wire cable
This superb cable from Scotland's Atlas has two different pairs of wire in a single jacket: a multi-stranded pair for low frequencies, and a second pair of solid core pure copper wires for the highs. The price is $54.95 per metre of wire. A pair requires three sets of connectors (12 connectors in all) if the wires are joined up at the amplifier end.
     Like Alpha S4, Hyper Bi-Wire is purchased in rolls, and we terminate them with the connector you designate (see below) When ordering, enter the number of metres of total cable you need as the quantity. If you have special instructions, the shopping cart form has a field for instructions to us. We'll get back to you if it's not perfectly clear.
ORDER AHB, Hyper Bi-Wire, price per metre $54.95 Click to buy

UHF's own jumper cables

Do your speakers come with two sets of binding posts, one set for the lows, and one for the highs? If you're using a single pair of cables from your amplifier, you won't want to use those flat gold-colored plates linking the two sets of posts. You can get jumpers that are independently made, but most are expensive, or awful, and usually both.
     So we've launched our own jumpers. The wire is single-crystal, which means each copper strand is a single crystal of metal. And the connectors are from Furutech.
     You have a choice of connectors. You can choose high-quality gold-plated spades. Or you can choose bananas, which connect under pressure. Or you can order them with spades at one end and bananas on the other. They're about 15 cm long. Custom lengths are available on order.
ORDER: UHFJ-B, two pairs of jumpers with locking bananas, $189 Click to order
ORDER: UHFJ-S, two pairs of jumpers with spade connectors, $179 Click to order
ORDER: UHFJ-H, two pairs of jumpers with spades and bananas, $184 Click to order

Choose connectors for your Alpha S4 or Hyper Bi-Wire

These are our lowest-cost connectors, from Nakamichi
Nakamichi's basic bananas, set-screw installation, no solder. Set of four, free with cable, NAK-B. Click to buy

     From Furutech, sets of locking bananas, or spades, both plated with gold or rhodium.
     fp202   fp201

ORDER: FP-202G, set of four locking gold bananas, $99 Click to buy
ORDER FP-201G, set of four gold spades, $99 Click to buy
ORDER: FP-202R, set of four locking rhodium bananas, $120
Click to buy
ORDER FP-201R, set of four rhodium spades, $120 Click to buy

     From Furutech, the new low-mass, high-performance connectors. We now know that hanging a huge chunk of metal on the end of a cable does not give the best performance. But some low-mass connectors are relatively fragile. Furutech's new low-mass connectors have massive metal bodies for protection, but they are insulated from the circuit. Turn the collar to lock the banana in place. The contact parts are pure copper, plated with either gold or rhodium. Effective, and beautifully machined.
ft212    ft211
     Which plating should you choose? Gold is the better electrical conductor, and can't tarnish. Rhodium is much harder and resistant to wear, and it can't tarnish either.
ORDER: FT-212(G), set of four gold-plated locking bananas, $139.95 Click to buy
ORDER: FT-212(R), set of four rhodium-plated locking bananas, $159.95 Click to buy
ORDER: FP-211(G), set of four gold-plated spades, $139.95 Click to buy
ORDER: FP-211(R), set of four spades, $159.95 Click to buy

Mavros loudspeaker cables
     This is the best loudspeaker cable we have tried yet, and we have tried lots of them! It is a biwire-ready dual cable (monocrystal stranded for bass, monocrystal solid core for treble) with porous Teflon dielectric. Atlas makes it available with rhodium-plated locking bananas, or (as shown) with monocrystal gold-plated spades. This is the reference cable in our Alpha system, which now sounds better than ever before. Prices for connection to a single pair at the amplifier end, other connections on special order. Download the PDF version of our blind test of Mavros, from UHF No. 83.
     The connectors supplied are similar to the Furutech FP-202 locking bananas. As an option, we can substitute one of the new Furutech low-mass bananas or spades, shown above.
     The standard configuration is two-into-four: with the two pairs of wires connected together at the amplifier end. We can order any configuration or length you need.
E-mail us.
ORDER AMS-3, a 3m pair of Mavros speaker cables, $2995 Click to buy
ORDER AMS-2, a 2m pair of Mavros speaker cables, $2195
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BIS Audio Vivat loudspeaker cables

     How terrific can a speaker cable get without requiring a second mortgage? We loved BIS Audio's best speaker cable, the Vivat. Each strand of oxygen-free copper is silver-plated. Once ther strands are woven together, they are plated a second time. The result is a 10-gauge low-resistance cable with Teflon insulation. The connectors are low-mass Eichmann bananas from ETI. Other lengths available.doubletermination
     Do your speakers have two sets of binding posts? You can use your Vivat cables without the cheap jumpers usually supplied. Order the Vivat with double termination, as shown at right, including both Eichmann spades (for the lows) and bananas (for the highs). Adds $260 to the cost of the cables.
ORDER: One pair BIS Vivat speaker cables, 3 metres, $1499 Click to buy
ORDER: One pair BIS Vivat speaker cables, 2 metres, $1200 Click to buy
ORDER: Use double termination on your Vivat cables Click to add the option


Digital cables

BIS Audio Bullet coaxial digital cable

     We lent an ear to a number of "economy" digital cables, and even some that weren't all that economical. Our ears perked up when we discovered the Bullet. In most digital systems, it is exactly what you need, and we recommend it warmly. The length if 1.5 metres, of course.
ORDER BIS-BD-1.5 $190 Click to buy

Atlas Mavros: reference-quality coaxial digitalMavrosdigital

As we have improved our computer-based digital system to the best yet, we also adopted this digital cable as a reference. It's a perfect link from the digital output of any CD or DVD player to a standalone digital-to-analog converter. It can also link a computer or USB interface with a coaxial output to a DAC.
ORDER AMD-1.5 (1.5 meter) $565 Click to buy

A well-made optical TOSLINK cableOpticalcable
Our comparison tests turned up this nicely-made TOSLINK optical cable, which delivered better quality to our converter than the other ones we could get our hands on. The connectors fit pretty much all standard transports and converters. The longest one in stock is 3 m (10-feet) long, and much longer ones can be special-ordered.
     If you want to connect to a component with a mini-TOSLINK, such as an Airport Express, a MacBook Pro or most laptops, just add the TMT adapter.
TD-1.8 TOSLINK cable, 1.8 m $22.95 Click to buy
ORDER TD-3 TOSLINK cable, 3.m $29.95 Click to buy
ORDER TMT mini-TOSLINK adapter, $3.95
Click to buy

The ultimate TOSLINK cable: it's made of glass!

     A TOSLINK cable is a light pipe. Nearly all are made of plastic. At one time, though, you could buy an optical cable made of glass. And we have one!
     The Atlas Mavros glass optical cable is the best we've heard by far. It's a great link between your CD player, computer, Airport Express or Apple TV, and an older DAC. Digital-to-analog converters pretty much all have high-grade optical inputs, but not all have great USB circuits. You can read our evaluation of the cable right here. . The Mavros glass TOSLINK cable sounds surprisingly close toUSB, and that makes it cost-effective.
ORDER MGO-1.5, a 1.5m glass optical cable, $319,95 Click to order
ORDER MGO-3.0, a 3m glass optical cable, $369,95 Click to order